Kayaking the Potomac below Great Falls

Mather Gorge, Great Falls, Yellow Falls, Vaso Island, Stubblefield Falls, Calico Rapids, Offut Island, Widewater

  • I built this site to give people the feeling of touring the water below Great Falls.  Not many photos are out there such as these -- this is mostly because few people are stupid enough to take their camera into a kayak.

  • Jumbo sized versions for use as your Desktop Wallpaper (so feel free to use them :-).   are also available.  Simply click on the picture several times to get to the biggest size

  • Many of the pictures are linked to Aerial photos pointing to the exact locations of a site

  • Please don't go to these spots unless you are an experienced kayaker, you know the risks, you take precautions, etc. etc.


K1 Slalom Kayak 

Galasport Toro 

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Great Falls to Lock 10 Kayaking:





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