Galasport Toro K1 Kayak -- SOLD

(Bethesda Maryland, USA)

I am selling a one year old Galasport Toro (Profi Layup) K1 Slalom Kayak.  The boat has been in the water ~seven times.  Included in the sale are two Sandiline Sprayskirts, and a Galasport Boat Bag.  The boat is in great shape.  There are only a few minor scratches on the bottom.

(To get a sense of the boat, you can click on any of the pictures below for a moderate zoom, and then click the moderate zoom picture for a detailed view.)


The boat


Two Spray Skirts


Galasport Boat bag

Some details on the boat:

  • This boat is in Excellent Condition (no accidents, no repairs).  So why I am selling it?.  

    • It simply doesn't match well to what I like to do.  

    • It is a little too tight for my 6' 5" frame.

    • I find I continually select one of my other boats

    • I want to clear some garage space (for another boat :-)

  • This is the boat used by many aspiring Olympians.  It is definitely a performance boat.  This is not a beginners boat!  

  • Selling it for $1100.  This is ~50% of what it would cost new, not including shipping

  • Contact me a and we can set up a time to either look it over & pick it up or we can meet up at the Old Angler's inn in Potomac, MD put-in and you can give it a spin.








Some Minor Scratches

(Front Bottom)


Added a Backrest

(one minor addition I made)





Foam Thigh pads installed

(can be removed)