Sept 10th 2006

Little Falls Water Level Gauge: ~7,000 ft3/s / ~3.6 feet

Up one level Back to Kayak Main

Heron at Skull Island:  8:31 AM (Aerial Location)

Above Cow-Hoof Rock 9:50 AM (Aerial Location)

Out of Difficult Run Creek: 10:06 AM (Aerial Location)

Mather Gorge above Purple Horse: 9:15 AM

Mather Gorge / Wet Bottom 9:23 AM  (Aerial Location)

Next to Offut Island: 10:25 AM

Looking up Difficult Run: 10:05 AM  (Aerial Location)

Mather Gorge: 9:19 AM (Aerial Location)

Mather Gorge: 9:33 AM  (Aerial Location)

Mather Gorge:  9:34 AM

Mather Gorge:  9:40 AM  (Aerial Location)

Mather Gorge:  9:41 AM  (Aerial Location)