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Walter Johnson Crew

WMIRA Championships, May 6th 2018

Click below to view Websized version. Click on the download icon for full sized version (which will be a little smaller this race, as my camera resolution setting was too low).   In future years highest resolution files will have migrated to the long-term Google drive based picture repository  here. So you can always go to Google Drive to download full size photos. 

IMG_8629 IMG_8702 IMG_8677 IMG_8642
IMG_8496 IMG_8489 IMG_8490 IMG_8697
IMG_8690 IMG_8730 IMG_8737 IMG_8717
IMG_8522 IMG_8523 IMG_8524 IMG_8513
IMG_8528 IMG_8487 IMG_8696 IMG_8721
IMG_8538 IMG_8530 IMG_8551 IMG_8567
IMG_8500 IMG_8502 IMG_8508 IMG_8516
IMG_8666 IMG_8684 IMG_8657 IMG_8674
IMG_8466 IMG_8470 IMG_8475 IMG_8481
IMG_8519 IMG_8520 IMG_8521 IMG_8532
IMG_8703 IMG_8704 IMG_8706 IMG_8707
IMG_8493 IMG_8624 IMG_8621 IMG_8613
IMG_8527 IMG_8555 IMG_8576 IMG_8584
IMG_8590 IMG_8599 IMG_8605 IMG_8610
IMG_8619 IMG_8648 IMG_8618 IMG_8640
IMG_8649 IMG_8651 IMG_8695 IMG_8712
IMG_8679 IMG_8688 IMG_8692 IMG_8699
IMG_8718 IMG_8732 IMG_8719 IMG_8724
IMG_8726 IMG_8647 IMG_8727 IMG_8731