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Walter Johnson Crew

USRA Nationals - Day 1, May 25th 2018

Click below to view Websized version. Click on the download icon for full sized version.   In future years highest resolution files will have migrated to the long-term Google drive based picture repository  here. So you can always go to Google Drive to download full size photos. 

M Jr 4 W Jr 4 W Jr 8 M Sr 4
IMG_8796 IMG_8784 IMG_8850 IMG_8918
IMG_8904 IMG_8954 IMG_8864 IMG_8866

IMG_8905 IMG_8906 IMG_8913 IMG_8943
IMG_8916 IMG_8870 IMG_8743 IMG_8873
IMG_8778 IMG_8794 IMG_8831 IMG_8880
IMG_8948 IMG_8952 IMG_8956 IMG_8958
IMG_8826 IMG_8886 IMG_8947 IMG_8920
IMG_8772 IMG_8860 IMG_8875 IMG_8897
IMG_8830 IMG_8910 IMG_8922 IMG_8932
IMG_8800 IMG_8818 IMG_8821 IMG_8810
IMG_8940 IMG_8961 IMG_8908 IMG_8934
IMG_8753 IMG_8754 IMG_8775 IMG_8776
IMG_8889 IMG_8941 IMG_8872 IMG_8808
IMG_8770 IMG_8788 IMG_8790 IMG_8791
IMG_8759 IMG_8804 IMG_8869 IMG_8936
IMG_8744 IMG_8853 IMG_8902 IMG_8919
IMG_8945 IMG_8926 IMG_8927 IMG_8931
IMG_8868 IMG_8765 IMG_8857 IMG_8746
IMG_8882 IMG_8848 IMG_8841 IMG_8844
IMG_8937 IMG_8962